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About Us

Our massage salon has been working for you since 1998, and we built perfect trusting relationships with our clients. We offer you a wide variety of massages, so anyone can find a perfect option for themselves.

How We Work

When you arrive at our place, a receptionist will meet you and talk to you. If you came to get a certain type of massage, you might order it straightforwardly. If you are unsure or you’ve never got a massage before, you might want to talk to our specialist.

They would ask you about your lifestyle, kinds of activities you enjoy and choose a perfect type of massage for you. The majority of our clients approve the choice after they try a certain type of massage. If you don’t enjoy it, we won’t charge you.

We give free towels and slippers for you. You might want to take a shower after a massage session, and you can take a shower at our place.

If you order a course of massages at the end of your first session, we will give a discount. We offer you courses of 10, 15 and 20 massage sessions. If you order 10, you will get a discount of 5%, with 15 sessions it’s 10%, and then 15%.

We also have an option where you can create your own massage, so you have a choice of the length of a session, a type of massage, different items massage will be done with, etc. That option is a little bit more expensive, but some people enjoy that opportunity to choose.

Why Us

All of our masseurs are certified and they complete special training before they are allowed to work with clients. They are taught different types of massage, but they usually specialize in 1-2 types.

We are a successful salon, where you can get all the types of massage you personally like. We can offer you the best quality while keeping the prices fairly low.